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Taxi are a Romanian pop-rock band. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rock and contemporary pop. The band was founded March 13, 1999 in Bucharest.

Their first Romanian hit was "Criogenia salvează România" ("Cryogenia saves Romania"), which gained them fans even among the members of the Romanian Parliament with its ironic political lyrics.

Among other things, they represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, with the song Luna (The moon). In late 2010, they released the single "Cele două cuvinte" (Those Three Words adapted to English).

This is an unconformist love song, about men having a hard time expressing their feelings. The music video features 26 Romanian male socialites, TV personalities and singers. The video received more than 2,000,000 views in 3 months.

Band members

Vicky Albu (backing vocals) Dan Teodorescu (lead vocalist, songwriter) Mugurel Meghi Coman (keyboards) Cantemir Neacsu (lead guitar) Csongor Csongi Kerezsi (bass guitar) Darius Neagu (drums)


Jumatate de album (1999)
Trag un claxon (2000)
Americanofonia (2001)
C (2003)
Politica (2004)
Romantica (2007)
Cele doua cuvinte (February 2011)