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Taxi - Those Three Words
(official lyrics)

I'm a man, i'm not so hard to understand,
I'm actually quite simple, from my head down to my toes.
I don't hide whatever's on my mind,
Except when it comes to those three words. Yeah, those
You wonder why you dont hear it as much as you want,
But just because I dont say it, it doesnt mean that I don't... that I don't! And know that I

Chorus: I try so hard, but I can't make it through.
I guess it's not something men can easily do.
Still I will try to whisper it to you:
I lo...

I'm a man, my D.N.A.'s not my friend
When it comes to those three words, you see.
I can bet that this was also the case
For a lot of guys before me.
All my ancestors had to hunt, had to fight, had to invent
The wheel and the bulb and the TV and the leather jacket with spikes and all the gear
So they didnt have time to say the words every woman loves to hear. But know that I


Im begging you, just give me
As much credit as you would give a dog,
A dog that loves you even if he doesn't talk to you!
If you wanna feel those butterflies
Please, just look into my eyes!


Still I will try to whisper it to you:
I lo ... Man, that's tough!

I will try to whisper it to you:
I love you!